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We Make Drinking Water A Pleasure Again

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Emerald Springs Bottled Water Offers Lincoln County Sustenance You Can Trust

Purified Water is Better Than Water That's Been Treated with Chemicals

Acknowledging that most of your body is made of water, recognize the importance of drinking and cooking with the very best water available. The best thing about Emerald Springs Bottled Water of Newport, OR is that every drop goes through a state-of-the-art process that removes toxins and improves taste.


You can get our sparkling, better-tasting water for your home or office delivered absolutely free. We also provide water coolers and hot or cold cups from a convenient dispenser and we even have a coffee service.

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In Lincoln County and nearby areas, people have been 100% satisfied by our service since 1993.

Emerald Springs Bottled Water's delivery service comes with a no-hassle guarantee and no monthly contracts. Our 100% satisfaction policy means no risk to you.


The equipment we rent and the purified water we sell come at a low cost. We're proud to say we've been voted Lincoln County's best water delivery for several years.

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