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We Make Drinking Water A Pleasure Again

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Emerald Springs Bottled Water Understands Your First Concern is Getting Risk-Free Water

We've been serving our neighbors in Lincoln County since 1993.

Emerald Springs Bottled Water Inc. of Newport, OR delivers quality-tasting water with every three or five-gallon bottle. The same is true for our by-the-case, single-serving bottles - that crystal-clear, clean-water taste refreshes you each time. You can rest assured that we recycle the bottles - clean drinking water is useless if its bottling causes damage to the environment.


Our water service to home or office includes providing water coolers or under-sink water filtration. Do you already enjoy the convenience of our free water delivery? Sign up a friend and receive a $25 credit on your next bill.

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Our State-Of-The-Art Purification System Results in Better Water

Municipal water treatment leaves traces of chlorine and byproducts of unclean water that have known risks to humans, including increased incidences of bladder cancer as well as liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems.


Emerald Springs Bottled Water removes toxins through advanced filtration, not by adding chemicals with risks of their own.

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