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We Make Drinking Water A Pleasure Again

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Our service comes with a 100%,

no-hassle, unconditional guarantee.  

Get no hidden fees and no monthly contract. Sign up a friend and receive a $25 credit on your next bill. We offer quantity discounts - call today for pricing!

Considering your body is 80% water, the best you can do to ensure overall health is drink water that is overall healthy.

Emerald Springs Bottled Water Inc. of Newport, OR takes our responsibility as your source of fresh water seriously. We understand that the primary reason you use a water service is to supply your kitchen with good-tasting water for cooking and drinking. Be assured that our water is completely and naturally healthy for you.


We offer delivery to a wide area by our friendly route service representatives. In fact, Emerald Springs Bottled Water has been voted the best water delivery in Lincoln County for several years. Our purified water comes to restaurants, cafes, bars, and your home or office in a choice of three- or five-gallon containers, or single serving bottles by the case. We also have a cooler color selection of black or white.


Under-sink filtration systems are available, we can supply hot or cold cups with a dispenser, and we have optional coffee service, too.

Make the change to clean water today!

Emerald Springs Bottled Water Inc. is clearly better for you and better tasting than water from the tap.

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